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The Best and Worst of 2020

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I am excited about journaling my year in 2021. I made a goal to write more and this felt like the most fun way to do it. I don't consider myself a writer (yet), but I do aspire to write a book, so maybe I will become one. I have done some brainstorming and ended up with some funny titles. That is a journey I look forward to sharing. I have heard that everyone has a book in them. I 'm sure I got a best-seller in me! ;)


CREATING TIME: 2020, despite all of the challenges, has been an opportunity to create time. Travis and I did things we would never have had the time to focus on in a "normal" year. We have enjoyed growing our business in a variety of ways this year. Here is a reflection on the the best and the worst of 2020

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: We started using social media to create a community and have fun interviewing other leaders in a on our Facebook Live. We employed Emily, my social media marketing genius, to create a consistent look and consistent message. She taught us that using video does not need to be scary. We have already come a long way, and have quite a ways to go. When we look back at some of our first videos, we cringe.

BRANDING: Steve Sims told us that Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is less about your logo and website, and more about how you show up as a company, as a team, and as an individual. I am very proud of High Impact and each person in it. We learned about branding and how we can become people of interest as we get involved with other fun and interesting people. This has been a delightful journey and we look forward to sharing the pearls we have learned as well as tell our stories of both successes and failures along the way.

PUTTING OURSELVES OUT THERE. We have attended some pretty cool events and met some great people along the way. We have attended Business Mastery with Tony Robbins, Masterminds with Kaizen Coaching, a Speakeasy with Steve Sims and Monster Producer with Michael Burt and now associating with people all over the world because of it.


GETTING SCAMMED: We hired someone to do our video & backend marketing set up and were taken for thousands of dollars of undelivered content. Mostly it hurt because I though we had a pretty great relationship with the person we hired. Lesson learned, do not pay until the job is done. So many require payment up front, or payments that make finishing the job not worth doing if something better comes along. Be wise with you hire and how you pay.... even when you trust them. I will trust, but I will alway attempt to be cautious.

JOB LOSS: All my kids are in college and lost their jobs. One of my daughters moved back home with her partner (who was also layed-off) and his kids in tow. As did everyone else, we all felt isolated and frustrated. I am grateful we all could hunker down together through this time.


I have sworn off news finding other ways to be informed and connected. Between election garbage and never-ending Covid streaming, I could not take the negativity that comes from the "news" aka drama slingers! I have had to set goals like not dropping the f-bomb and not saying the word c-word (no, not that one...covid) today.

Although I know many have struggled, even suffered, in 2020, I am so happy to live the life that I get to live and look forward to 2021 with vigor and positivity!

Only 15 more days...

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