• Laura Johnston

Our Monster Journey

The year has started out pretty exciting.

I traveled back to Nashville. I really love this town. But this time it was all work and no play. Travis and I trained with Coach Burt and the Monster Coaching Bootcamp. We are very passionate about coaching leaders and their organizations to a higher lever, just as we have been doing for ourselves.

22 days into 2021 and we have some pretty exciting things coming your way! We are excited to bring more value to our clients and audience.

Some of you may have already heard ... we are relocating. After visiting 3 cities in 7 days, we finally narrowed our search to Charleston, South Carolina. We are so pumped for our journey and the unfolding adventures in our personal and professional lives.

Lots going on in my world including, my daughter Emily is getting married next week. So excited for her and Corey as they build their life together. Also, I have two other daughters graduating from college. Both Emily and Alison are graduating and I am so proud of them. They have always been such great students. My girls are a mother's dream students! They have always been so self motivated in their education.

I will be starting on a 30-day road trip which I am so excited to share. Coming up will be lots of anecdotes from my travels. I will be visiting family, seeing some of my favorite sites, and doing some hiking & biking along the way.

I will be catching up with Steve Sims and the Speakeasy clan in Scottsdale as well as Coach Burt and the Monster Nation in Nashville.

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If you or someone in your organization is ready to bring energy and excitement to life and work, check out our 2021 coaching platforms

Monster Producer Coaching

In a one year cycle we try to help you find and fill your missing sales structures including:

  • How to activate your PREY DRIVE

  • How to build a world class EXPLANATION OF VALUE

  • How to implement a true PROSPECTING and SELLING SYSTEM daily

  • How to use a 7 touch system to build a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP

  • How to extract 5.7 REFERRALS from every transaction

  • How to become a PERSON OF INTEREST and attract opportunity

Monster Leaders & Teams

In a one year cycle we try to help you find and fill your missing team structures including:

  • How to build your team by finding and ATTRACTING TALENT

  • How to build a world class EMPLOYEE TRAINING SYSTEM

  • How to provide a true MONSTER CAREER. A path to SUCCESS THROUGH OTHERS.

  • How to teach the 5 Behaviors that every team must demonstrate to ELIMINATE DRAMA & DYSFUNCTION and improve communication

  • How to take your LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT team to the next level.

  • How to build a LEGACY CULTURE

Combine these TWO COACHING ENGAGEMENTS to create an organization that has Monster Sales, Leaders & Teams!

See you on the road!


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