• Laura Johnston

How to Achieve Dental Office Harmony

Some of you may wonder, what does harmony look like? The definition of harmony is people living together peacefully rather than fighting or arguing. This sounds pretty good. However, not everyone argues by yelling and screaming. Some people hold their frustrations in and let frustrations fester. How your team deals with discord is up to you as the leader to investigate and acknowledge. But that is not all. You must provide a safe place where they can open up, share their frustrations, & you may need to mediate team disagreements, if necessary.

Harmony in the workplace must have three things: Trust, Conflict & Interpersonal Skills.

Leaders who sit back, and assume their team member will “work it out” are missing an opportunity to connect with your teams and provide power learning opportunities. Many don’t realize that with harmony comes important productive conflict where people feel heard and break through to find a better way.

Not all of your staff have the emotional intelligence to navigate productive conflict. Are you as a leader equipped to guide them through that process and if not, where can you get the training for yourself and your team to learn this important skill.

As a leadership trainer, one of my favorite things is to teach my teams about the importance of trust. This is the foundation to harmony. It is the foundation to productive conflict. It is the foundation for interpersonal skills in the workplace!

When interpersonal skills are weak, you suffer, your team suffers, and the whole practice suffers. Some of the most important interpersonal skills to develop are clear communication, active listening, conflict resolution, flexibility, follow through and empathy. Check out our eBook with ideas you can use with your team on how to improve your interpersonal skills.

If you have a team full of rock stars in their positions, but have discord in the team relationships, it’s time to invest in your team. Personal and professional development in your staff will reap massive rewards.

May you build a foundation of trust by example, encourage productive conflict with clear expectations and build interpersonal skills to create a Happy Dental Team in your office.

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