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How Do I Become Known?

How do you become the person other people want a piece of and can’t live without?

Let me share my journey of becoming a person of interest, and how it can boost your business in impactful ways.

As you build your brand, becoming a person of interest can be really fun. It has been for me. I have spent the last 2 years traveling the country, surrounding myself with people who think like me, who are excited about the value I can bring to their life, and attracting engaged followers instead of chasing them.

Imagine what it would be like to choose the people you get to work with, people who value you, and instead of chasing them, they chase you. That is the impact of becoming a person of interest.

I usually like to hang under the radar. I am perfectly happy letting others take the credit. I love collaboration; however, I have never needed to be in the spotlight. Surprising, given my dad put me on stage to sing with my sisters at age 10. Being in a family band was lots of fun and being a 10-year-old person of interest, singing at MGM Grand, did not translate into my world of business until the last few years.

This blog is a result of studying those who I have surrounded myself with. I found the steps to getting energy, direction and focus around becoming a person of interest and implement them into my own life and business.

Just like anything in life, having a system, a list of action items to implement, is the key to progress. Expecting big things to happen without a plan, leads to confusion and frustration. Steve Sims, someone who is teaching me how to lift my brand and increase my opportunities says “the big "c" in life is cancer; the big "c" in business, is confusion.

Here are five key areas that every 'Person of Interest' must have.

1. To Attract Other People, We Must Become Attractive

What is the kind of person you want to attract? It is important to get clear on the clients, networks, and friends you want to have. I like to be around people with positive energy, who are enlightened and continuously seeking to elevate themselves and I want that in my clients. To attract that, I need to be that! Michael Burt defines an enlightened person as “one who recognizes the highest qualities in others, sees potential where others see nothing, and knows he wants to play at a different level in life and in humble enough to know he has to have the help of others to get there.” I could not express better the important qualities I want in my clients, and what I must become to attract them!

Think about the relationships you have right now and rate them through this filter above. It may be time to attract better relationships and get rid of a few that don’t align with you!

2. Transform Others with your Confidence, Knowledge, & Skill Set

When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say? What makes you unique? Do you want to be an agent, a CPA, an attorney? When you think about what you do for people and how you can transform them, what you do takes on a much bigger meaning. How you describe yourself and what you do, is what we call an explanation of value. A unique perspective that makes people want to do business with you because you deliver something in your marketplace that you can own, and you have packaged it in a way that is clear & consistent. No matter your industry, are you able to coach, debate, consult & offer expertise so that your client can make an informed decision?

3. Be the Buyer instead of the Seller

When you have something incredibly valuable of offer, and you are passionate about it, you can become world-class in it. So, becoming the buyer is more about working on you then on working on getting them.

5 ways to attract your clients

-Appearance, presentation, and delivery

-Find ways to be unique from your competition

-Study the market. Become the most qualified

-Package yourself and your position

-Deliver on your promises

4. Unlock your Story

I was raised by a pathological entrepreneur. My dad is an idea guy. He had an energy and positivity that was infectious to those around him. People wanted to jump on his band wagon. He gave me that same energy and positivity. What he never figured out was that he did not have the skillset, or maybe even the desire, to run the marathon of running a successful business. And he never put together a team to help him in time to save it. He started property development companies, auto body shops, recording studios, construction companies, adult family homes and many other things that don’t go together. Because of this I am so passionate about proven systems & structure, I am passionate about great leadership and building great teams and I because of this I have even fallen in love with sales.

When you use your story to show others how you arrived at your knowledge, this is what puts you in a unique position to help someone else get what they want.

Share your story, energy, packaged passion, & good message that make you special.

Coach Burt shares some examples of what is that special something that people want to be a part of:

Your deep networks

Your past experiences

Your personality

Your mindset

Your compassion

Your unique perspective

5. Build Engaged Followers.

When your story is entwined with theirs, you can transform them. You are a client to lots of companies. Think about how they connected and engaged with you. What about them or their story or their way of interacting engaged you?

Something special about my partner Travis, is he has a hobby in woodworking that connects people to him. He uses his special talent to do something special for people. He knows how to create special moments and give considerate gestures.

Building engaged followers is about connecting to every customer in a continuous and creative way that brings them so much value. They are your biggest referral!! Great people telling others great people great things about you. That is a referral!

Each of us has what it takes to become a person of interest. To put ourselves, out to the world in a new and interesting way. It’s not about being famous. It’s about having a greater impact.

Adapted from the book 'Person of Interest' by Michael J. Burt

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