• Laura Johnston

Amazing Women In Transition

What is more constant than change? The definition of transition is the process, or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. However, ideally, it is more than that.

What transitions you gone through recently? Were they thrust upon you or did you choose a different path? I believe most transitions have a component of both. This has been true for me. This is my story, but I bet much of it will ring true for you as well.

In the last decade, I transitioned from married for 23 years to divorced. I transitioned from living in Montana to Washington to now settling in South Carolina. I transitioned from being a mother of five to an empty nest and I transitioned in my career path from administration and operations to entrepreneur.

What a journey… full of ups and downs. Here are a few things I learned along the way that I hope will encourage you along your journey.

The 5 Things I Learned in Transition

Think Big - My career path was primarily being a mother. Sure, I had positions in the workplace, but a majority of my experience was helping my husband build his career. We had clearly defined roles, which I was not only happy with, but I felt fortunate that I could be a mom first. So, as I got divorced and my children grew up, I found that I had to find my own path. At 40 years old, what did I want to be when I grew up? I am not sure I really knew what it meant to think big.

I went out into the workforce and did what was familiar to me. I got an operations position. After all, that is what I had done my whole life: in business & family. It was a good gig, but I wanted more. I knew I was capable of a lot more!

I started working with a gal who had a side hustle as a coach and that is what flipped my switch. I fell in love with the idea of helping entrepreneurs with their struggles in administration, operations & systems. As a daughter of a pathological entrepreneur, I felt for those trying to grow a business but were acting as a one-man-band. This was the start of me thinking big and I decided to start a business of my own: Business Coach.

What I have found along this path are so many women who are also transitioning in their career. A kind of reinvention of themselves. Meeting these other women inspired and motivated me. Some were out there killing it and others were out there floundering. I wanted to be out there having an impact and thus High Impact Leadership was born.

Own Your Value - The first struggle after thinking big is feeling credible. As much as I felt I had to offer other entrepreneurs, I thought if someone read my resume, they wouldn’t believe in me. What would it take to get people to want to work with me? I read dozens of books, got coached by my own set of amazing coaches, became certified in several programs. I realized that I was comparing myself to people who had been in the industry for decades and with that as the barometer, I would never measure up. Lucky for me I have amazing people in my life who helped me realize that my unique perspective, given to me by a life of personal experiences, are what I have to offer and that is mine, and mine alone.

Develop Patience – One of the most important things I learned was Gradually then Suddenly. I was pressured by so many well-meaning friends and colleagues, to get out there and just do it. Looking back, I am grateful that I took the time to roll it out in a way that made sense to me. It took me six months to evaluate my top values and write a core purpose statement. It took me another six months to define my desired outcome and write smart goals to take action on.

Understand Growth – As you are building a business, it is important to understand the difference between growth and development. Growth is ‘getting bigger’ whereas development is improvement. Both should be a life-long pursuit. And they must go hand in hand. So many times, I have seen entrepreneurs try to grow without developing the systems to sustain said growth and without developing themselves to lead a bigger organization. Develop yourself so you can manage growth!

Engage with Mentors & Coaches – Emulating the work of those I admire has been the most important and rewarding part of my journey. I have employed mindset coaches, attended masterminds and networked with friends and colleagues. Though I have had an incredible amount of learning through reading, the most significant development came through learning through others.

Transition can be scary. You have already stepped out of your comfort zone many times. Follow your gut and continue to believe and trust in yourself. You are unique and that is your gift. Don’t be afraid to stretch your mind, think as big as you possibly can, then think even bigger. You are capable of anything! There are no limits except the limits you place on yourself. I know this to be true because I see it on a daily basis! Go out, be an amazing woman in transition and own your place in the world!

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