High Impact Leadership was formed in 2019,

and the timing feels right like never before to build each other up within our organizations to create an environment of trust.


Leaders must be equipped with the mindset and skillset to meet new and ever-shifting challenges.

Leaders must bring calm and clear direction and communication to their teams

to create a culture of growth and prosperity.


The team at High Impact Leadership has a variety of real-life experience,

world-class mentoring, training and certifications

to meet the needs of all organizations to facilitate development plans,

align organizations to their mission, vision and values, boost skills and competencies, and transform culture.


Both Laura and Travis are committed to continuous education and personal development.


They are trained and certified through the following programs:

Level III-Gold Badge: Intelligent Leadership Master Executive Coach Program and Certification

Empowerment Partnership IntegrativeNLP Practitioner Program

and certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology NLP

Basic Instructions with Chukky Okobi - MER®, Coaching and Training Program

Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors® Partners and certified facilitators.


They have learned from many of the masters in leadership and continue to do so.


Laura & Travis and High Impact Leadership are passionate about helping you

achieve more and better in your life – whether that’s more money,

better health, more meaningful relationships, and a more fulfilling life, that is our mission.

We are bringing you the most transformative information and teachings

so you can start getting the results you want!